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Performing home energy audits in Maryland, Baltimore and Hanover, PA

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What is a Home Energy Audit?

Therma-Check home energy audits include an affordable whole-house evaluation of the existing home designed to lower energy bills, increase energy efficiency, improve comfort and increase property resale values in the Baltimore Metro Region, Central Maryland and the Hanover, Pennsylvania area. These desirable objectives are directly inter-related, so by increasing energy efficiency and conserving energy, the other benefits typically follow, including lower heating costs and a more enjoyable home environment.

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During a home energy audit a Certified Energy Auditor collects data on your home's energy features, heating and cooling systems, distribution, temperature regulation, air leakage, water heating, window features, insulation, appliances and other factors affecting the energetics of your residence. The information is collected using non-invasive advanced techniques, including Infrared Thermal Imaging (see video) for identifying energy problems that otherwise may be hidden and not observable with the techniques used by most other energy inspectors.

The collected information is analyzed to determine how the components of your house utilize energy and how energy is wasted through air leakage, degraded and insufficient insulation, poor weather-sealing and many other pathways. The home energy audit pinpoints those areas, and the report we provide you suggests effective improvements for more efficient energy consumption and for lowering energy bills in your home. Our report emphasizes low-cost energy improvements and provides a return-on-investment analysis if any major improvements are recommended.

Energy Audit Benefits

Once energy deficiencies are documented through the energy audit, there are many things the average home owner can usually do to increase energy efficiency in their home that can lead to reducing the costs they expend for heating, cooling, ventilation and other energy expenditures. These increased efficiencies also improve comfort in the home and increase property resale values. When it comes to attracting buyers energy-efficient homes have a competitive edge in today’s real estate market. The emphasis on more efficient and “green” homes in Maryland benefits both sellers and buyers, and also helps the environment. Our inspectors are qualified to conduct green home inspections to evaluate your existing home for meeting national "Green-Certified" status upon your request. In addition, for environmentally-conscious homeowners we provide Energy Sustainability Investigations to document and offset your property's excess carbon emissions. (more benefits...)

Why Homes Need an Energy Inspection

Most “green home” inspections in recent years have focused on using improved materials and construction techniques for new houses, with little attention to improving energy efficiencies in existing homes. Homes over 10 years old usually have reduced efficiencies due a variety of factors, including shifting and deteriorated insulation, degraded caulking and weather-sealing, drafts from gaps due to settling of structural components, poorly tuned, energy-wasting HVAC systems and appliances, hidden moisture penetrations that cause decay, and many other reasons. 

Moreover, it is common to find comfort problems and exceptionally high energy bills in newer homes due to poor construction, including missing or inadequate insulation installed in walls, attics, crawlspaces, duct chases, band joists, among other problems. It is nearly impossible for most home owners or Home Inspectors to identify such problems because they are not observable with the naked eye. Energy deficiency analysis is not included in standard home inspections performed for real estate transfers. Hence, home buyers often find higher than expected heating and cooling bills, comfort issues and other energy problems after moving in that were never diagnosed before the sale.

However, advanced thermal imaging techniques, such as available through the Therma-Check energy inspection program, can detect these and a host of other energy-related issues in both new and older homes. A Certified Energy Auditor knowledgeable about the special energy problems related to the existing home environment can best identify energy problems and recommend appropriate solutions for the homeowner. In the Central Maryland, Baltimore Metro Region, and the Hanover, Pennsylvania area a diagnostic energy audit using thermal imaging is a home owner’s crucial first step to lower energy bills, increase energy efficiency, improve comfort and increase property values.

Why You Should Choose an Independent Auditor

Because we are energy consultants we provide advisory services only, and do not perform home improvements or sell products. Thus, we are able to provide objective guidance without a conflict of interest, unlike many other energy inspection companies. Our clients are free to use contractors of their choice for implementing our recommended energy improvements. For those who request assistance in finding reputable contractors, we can advise them accordingly.

So, when evaluating energy auditors check to see if they also offer home improvement services or sell products. If they do, beware that the energy recommendations they make may be biased toward expensive improvement projects for which they stand to gain substantial additional business. In many cases, perhaps more modest improvements might be sufficient. Your independent auditor can be a more objective source of advice.

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