Home Energy Audit and Infrared Thermal Imaging Services Brochure

Home Energy Audit and
Infrared Thermal Imaging

You may download our brochures here, each of which is composed of two sides - a front and back.  They are designed to be printed then folded in thirds in order to form a narrow two-sided tri-fold document.  Thus, there are two files for each document, one for the front and one for the back. You do not need to print these brochures, but may view each page separately on your computer when you download them and you open them up. 

To view the documents you will need Adobe Reader to open them.  If you do not have this software program installed on your computer you can download it free from here, or try Foxit - it from the link below. It is a much smaller program to download, and should work fine.  Download and install the reader before the brochures.

If you wish to print them you can either print each side of one brochure on separate sheets, which is easiest. If you wish to print on two sides of one sheet you will need to consult your printer documentation for how to feed the paper in order for the second side to be properly oriented. Once both sides are printed the brochure is best viewed when folded in thirds.

This should be done by placing the double-sided sheet so that the outside, i.e., the side with the large Therma-Check name hyphenated with the lightning bolt face down, and the other side face-up and right-side up. To initiate the tri-fold procedure fold the right edge of the inside page to just slightly less than the two-thirds postion (to the left-most vertical green line) as shown in the example below. Firmly press along the right edge for a tight crease at the right-most green line in the example below). Then fold the left edge until it is even with the creased right edge. Note, the green lines below are for illustration purposes here and will not show in the brochure. If you printed both sides correctly, you should have theTherma-Check name and lightning bolt right side up before you. Open the brochure like a book and read the inside, then turn it over to read the rest of it. The example pages below may take a minute to appear on your screen, depending on the speed of your computer.

Home Energy Audit Brochure files:

Inside Sheet               download                    327 KB

Outside Sheet            download                    312 KB

This is a representation of the inside page:

This is a representation of the outside page:

Infrared Thermal Imaging Services Brochure:

Inside Sheet               download                    372 KB

Outside Sheet            download                    132 KB

 This is a representation of the inside page:

This is a representation of the outside page: